SCARA robot JS550 TH

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Product-ID JS550TH

dispensing robot with 4 axis, arm length 550 mm

SCARA-Roboter JS550 TH
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The SCARA robot Model JS550TH  is ideal for use in large volume and large scale dispensing applications in automated production environments. Conveyor belt systems or system cells require a high level of flexibility, to which the SCARA dispensing robot is optimally equipped with its ± 360 ° rotation axis.
The SCARA dispensing robot is extremely flexible and versatile. In many cases it  can be programmed to perform movement operations generally performed similar to the “human hand”. Scara robots are particularly suitable for fast and repeatable dispensing on surfaces of flat to varying contours as well as in an automated operation enviroment. This industrial robot is a high-speed robot with a processing speed of up to 5000 mm/s. It is suitable to be integated for in-line operations and or with rotary indexing tables on which the workpiece does not move during the dispensing process. The robot is driven by digital servo motors. Scara robots can be set up near each other to perform a series of operations, such as dispensing and “pick and place” to complete in the needed operation. For integration into other systems, inputs and outputs are available. The robust design of the SCARA robot makes it a perfect system for industrial use.

Programming: Via teachbox or PC software
Arm length of 550 mm
Points, lines, curves and circles
Sealing, casting and fillings
Continuous path (CP) and point to point (PTP)
Repetition of programmable steps

Interpolation: 3 Dimensional 4-axis linear / circular Position recognition: absolute encoder
Programming Teachbox: Direct Approaching Position (JOG), Manual Position Input (MDI)
Programming PC: Windows® Software JR C-Points (RS232)
Memory capacity: 255 programs, 30000 steps / programs total, 1000 steps / sequencer
External interfaces: 1 x RS422 - Teachbox; 3 x RS232C: COM1: PC interface and COM2 / COM3: external device
I / O interfaces: I / O-SYS: 15 inputs and 14 outputs; I / O-1: 18 inputs and 22 outputs (4x relay contact); I / O-H (tool): 4 inputs and 4 outputs (2x relay contact)
Electrical and compressed air lines to the tool (hose depending on robot type): 14 electrical signal lines and 4 hose extensions (hose: 4/6)
Relative humidity (without condensation): 20-90%

  • Abmessungen (BxHxT) 150x880x766 mm
  • Capacitate de memorie 255 Programme
  • Model SCARA Robot
  • Anzahl Achsen 4
  • Arbeitsbereich in mm kidney-shaped
  • Antrieb AC Servomotor
  • Temperatur 0-40 ° C
  • Spannung 230 V AC (1.050 VA)
  • Geschwindigkeit (Vmax) 6200 mm/sec

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