Digital Dispenser DC 300 Series

Art.-Nr. 504771
Product-ID DC370

Dozator digital DC 300 cu programe de memorie, (variante) De la 1 or 7 bar, I/O-Port optional

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The DC 300 is a very popular digital dispenser with perfect versatility, bright display and all necessary features for your applications. The DC 300 series is available in 4 model versions with varied features. Our most popular model is the DC 370. The DC 370 has three modes of operation. The manual mode enables dispensing to be controlled by a foot pedal. The timed mode dispenses at a pre-set time. The auto-cycling mode operates by sequencing a self-taught cycle of events, including a dispensing time as well as a pause function between the cycles. The optional I/O port allows you to operate the dispenser in a semi-automated environment by utilizing an external control to activate the unit.


  • Timer from 0,01 - 9999 seconds
  • I/O-Port optional Vacuum suck-back to avoid dripping Bright display
  • Cycle mode Stores up to 9 dispensing programs
  • Air inlet monitoring
  • Pressure read-out
  • Pressure gauge and regulator.

  • Abmessungen (BxHxT) 235x75x220 mm
  • Versandgewicht 3.4 kg
  • Funcționare digital
  • Temporizator yes
  • Port I/O no
  • Capacitate de memorie yes
  • Regulator de presiune Standard
  • Monitorizarea presiunii yes
  • Afișaj digital Presiune no
  • Aspirare vacuum yes
  • Farbe green
  • Drucklufteingang 5 - 7 bar
  • Gewicht 1,30 kg
  • Druckbereich 0,1 - 7 bar
  • Spannung AC 85-264 V

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