2K-adhesive, 50 ml

Art.-Nr. 507542

UHU plus sofortfest, epoxy resin adhesive, for mixing tube M-50D-516S

UHU plus sofortfest|2-Komponenten Epoxidharz-Kleber|Kartuschenform Dental
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Inhalt: 50 ml (31,22 € / 100 ml)
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UHU PLUS SOFORTFEST is a solvent-free 2-component adhesive based on epoxy resin for particularly fast bonding on small areas in the double chamber cartridge. The easy-to-use dual chamber cartridge with the practical mixers allows automatic mixing of the 2 components and is easy and clean to use. The processing time is up to 2 minutes, hand strength is reached after 5 minutes. The final strength is 8 N / mm². The adhesive compound cures transparently, is impact-resistant, resistant to aging and moisture.


Glues metals, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, marble, stone, concrete, duroplast, glass fiber reinforced plastics, rigid PVC, rubber, rigid foam plastics e.g. Styrofoam. Unsuitable for gluing on large glass surfaces, PE, PP.


Adhesive surfaces must be dry, free of dust and grease. Roughen smooth surfaces. Insert the adhesive cartridge into the dispenser. Open the cap and attach a static mixer. Binder and hardener are mixed automatically in the ratio 1: 1. Adhesive on one side, apply on both sides for rough materials. Assemble parts fitting without pressing. After bonding, place the mixer and place the cap on the adhesive cartridge. Since the adhesive residues in the mixer harden after use, the mixer can be disposed of. Please observe the safety instructions in the technical data sheet and the safety data sheet.
Temperature range -20° C to + 100° C

  • Versandgewicht 0.09 kg
  • Model for 2k-dispensing hand tool
  • Gewicht 84,0 g
  • Temperatur -20 bis +100°C

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