cartridge EURO 310 ml with female screw thread

Art.-Nr. 507409
Product-ID TS-110C

cartridge 310ml, outlet 1/4'' inner thread, open

Eurokartusche 310 ml mit Innengewinde
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ab 100 2,26 €
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EURO cartridge with flat bottom and 1/4 inch female thread outlet, open, 310 cc

  • Versandgewicht 0.057 kg
  • Model EURO 310 ml
  • Interior-Ø 47 mm
  • Außen-Ø 49,6 mm
  • Größe 310 cc
  • Farbe transparent
  • UV-Schutz no
  • Material PE
  • Gewicht 47,1 g
  • Temperatur 60 °C

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