Cartridge with hand piston 3 cc (10 pcs.)

Art.-Nr. 504277
Product-ID 990281


6,80 € / pachet
Inhalt: 10 pcs/pk
Cantitate Preț / pachet
bis 9 6,80 €
ab 10 6,60 €
ab 25 6,50 €
ab 50 6,30 €

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The new cartridges with scale and hand piston are designed for quick and easy use. They can also be filled by the user himself. The cartridge filling device is ideally used for this purpose. Each set consists of the cartridge with Luer Lock, hand piston and stopper. Packaging unit are 10 pieces each.

  • Versandgewicht 0.35 kg
  • Model Spritze
  • Größe 3 cc
  • Farbe transparent
  • UV-Schutz nein
  • Gewicht 3 g
  • Temperatur 60 °C

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