Mounting bracket for valves

Art.-Nr. 504096
Product-ID 990241

for needle valve DV-5325, DV-5425 and for spray valve SV-1217

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needle valve DV-5425
Art.-Nr. 504872
Product-ID DV-5425
Nadelventil DV-5425
The needle valve DV-5425 was especially developed for dispensing of low to medium viscosity materials. The DV-5425 needle valve enables control of material from extremely small individual shots to continuous beads. The needle dispensing...
needle valve DV-5425SS
Art.-Nr. 504873
Product-ID DV-5425SS
Nadelventil DV-5425SS
The needle valve DV-5425SS with valve body made of stainless steel is optimized for dispensing low to medium viscosity material. The fluids can be dispensed from the smallest drop to continuous beads. The needle valve is pneumatically...
needle valve Micro shot TS-5440SS
Art.-Nr. 507459
Product-ID TS-5440SS
Nadelventil Microshot TS-5440
The TS-5440SS Microshot Needle Valve is designed for low to medium viscosity materials and ensures precise dispensing of different sized dots down to a fraction of a microliter. A short opening stroke ensures extremely fast closing. A...
Mini Spool valve DV-5325
Art.-Nr. 504862
Product-ID DV-5325
Rückzugsventil DV-5325
The 5325 suck-back valve dispenses medium to high viscosity fluids very accurately. Due to its compact design, the valve can be used in automatic lines and under cramped structural conditions. The dispensing valve is pneumatically...
Mini Spool Valve DV-5325SS
Art.-Nr. 504865
Product-ID DV-5325SS
Rückzugsventil DV-5325SS
The Mini Spool valve DV-5325SS is designed to very accurately dispense medium to high viscosity materials. The valve DV-5325SS has got valve body made of stainless steel (WNr. 1.4305, AISI 303). The compact construction of this...
Art.-Nr. 504038
Product-ID 990232
U-bracket, universal for XYZ dispensing robots
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