Autocan Pump DA35

Art.-Nr. 504725
Product-ID DA35-220

inclusive follower plate up to interior Ø 170 mm, stroke 215 mm

Autocan Pump DA35
Autocan Pump DA35
Autocan Pump DA35
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The DA35 Autocan piston pump transfers high viscosity media from small containers. Simply remove the cover from the container and set the container under the piston pump. Then slide the pump into the container. The entire medium underneath the punch is pushed out except for small residual amounts and, for example, is transferred to a high pressure valve 790HPNM that can be equipped with a grip holder (optional). The valve is controlled via the dispensing device DC1060 and a switch on the grip holder. The system is suitable for manual or time-controlled dispensing and eliminates dripping. Cartridges can also be filled with a corresponding fitting!

  • Versandgewicht 18.6 kg
  • Funcționare pneumatisch
  • Gewicht 15 kg
  • Temperatur 20 - 40 °C

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