Hand operated pump

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Hand operated pump for pasty media from small containers

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With the hand pump, cartridges from 3 cc to 360 cc can be filled with highly viscous material directly from the original container. The fixing cross is attached to the edge of your container and thus ensures a secure hold of the pump. The follower plate wipes off the container wall and pushes the material to the riser pipe. To empty the container cleanly, the follower plate's diameter must be larger than the inside diameter of your material container. ATTENTION: The volume of the riser pipe is approx. 0.5 litres. The contents of smaller containers can disappear completely into it. The riser pipe cannot be dismantled.Please let us advise you here. Features: Flow rate is 30 cc per stroke simple and fast conveying from large containers clean emptying of the containers direct filling of cartridges Incl. dust cover, fixing core and follower plate


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