material container zinc coated

Art.-Nr. 506847
Product-ID MDG-4-H

3,1 liter, 6 bar, with manual agitator

1.381,38 €

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The material container MDG-4-H serves to supply and convey the dispensing medium. The material can be removed via a standpipe or floor outlet. Optionally, the containers can be equipped with low level sensor, heater and agitator.
The containers of the MDG series are adapted to the customer upon request.

  • Versandgewicht 13 kg
  • Model Handrührwerk
  • Interior-Ø 162 mm
  • Größe 3,1 l Nutzinhalt
  • Material Stahl verzinkt
  • Gewicht 11,3 kg
  • Typ MDG-4
  • Druckbereich 6 bar
  • Materialauslass oben

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