Fitting for cartridge with Luer-Lock on valve

Art.-Nr. 503932
Product-ID 990209-1_4L-PP

Luer-Lock - 1/4 inch, elbow, PP, standard

Fitting-Kombination 90°, PP, 1/4 Zoll für Kartusche auf Ventil
59,30 €

* Preț European. Nu este inclus TVA și Livrarea

Pregătit pentru livrare,
Timp de livrare 1-3 zile lucrătoare

Fitting combination 90°, metal
Material output thread 1/8“
For Euro cartridge 310ml with inner 1/4“ thead, or our retainer 990269 series
Extension length 46mm

  • Model Barrel to Luer-Lock
  • Winkelung 90°
  • Anschluss 1/4 inch
  • Material PP / POM
  • Gewicht 15,1 g

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