Low level sensor PNP for reservoirs MDG / LDG

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Product-ID 990152-A-PNP

ultrasonic low level sensor PNP

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The ultrasonic level sensor is the perfect solution whne you do not what to get the sensor in contact with your material.
The sensor works up to to 6 bar (90psi). The housing of  the sensor is in stain less steel.

By combining two output signals in one device, cost-optimised solutions for measurement and integration into the overall system can be realised.
With two switching outputs, the sensor can, for example detect "full" and "empty".
With the analogue output and switching signal, it can be used for continuous measurement with a separate overfill signal.
The simple parameterisation is carried out via integrated display or alternatively via PC or Connect+ adapter.

  • Funcționare Low level

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