low level sensor capacitive

Art.-Nr. 503501
Product-ID 990114-12-NPN

low level sensor, capacitive, NPN, M12

low level sensor capacitive
low level sensor capacitive
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low level sensor, NPN, M12

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Low Level control NPN - single
Art.-Nr. 503532
Product-ID 990123A-NPN
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Low Level control - single. For connecting one low level sensor. with the controller you have a green and a red light to indicate "Full" / "Empty". The signal can also be provided then e.g. to a robot or any other device 
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Connection cable for sensor empty signal
Art.-Nr. 503498
Product-ID 990113-001
Connection cable for sensor empty signal
Connection cable for sensor empty signal. Length 2 m, M12, 4-pin plug / socket
Low level sensor for cartridge Semco®
Art.-Nr. 504073
Product-ID 990240-NPN
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Low level sensor NPN for retanier 75-360cc (2.5 to 12oz)  Semco® style
Low level sensor for eco-PEN300, eco-PEN330 and...
Art.-Nr. 504181
Product-ID 990258-ECO450
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Low level sensor for eco-PEN300, eco-PEN330 and eco-PEN450, capacitive NPN
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