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VIEWEG GmbH was founded in 1976. With its focus on providing great technical and sales customer service, soon Vieweg GmbH gained a large clientele as an expert in dispensing and mixing technology.

The product and equipment range extends from simple dispensing devices for manual applications to complex integrated robotic systems. For the application of one component and mixing of two-component materials, VIEWEG supplies the appropriate consumables as well as the technology for material supply and quality control focused on repeatable and precise dispensing.

VIEWEG's great strength lies in the precise and repeatable metering of very small quantities of a wide range of materials in almost all manufacturing processes.

Products such as the new DV-6110 jet valve are designed, developed, manufactured, and serviced at the company's plant in Kranzberg near Munich.

Advice and support is provided by our dedicated, highly professional team of field service engineers in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Romania.

Jahr 2021
This year we will be 45 years 
Jahr 2020

In the fall of 2020, we were able to inaugurate our completed annex.

Jahr 2020

Expansion of our charging capacity for e-cars by two charging columns to a total of 6 charging points.

Jahr 2020

Acquisition of another electric car in VIEWEG design.

Jahr 2019
Groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of our company building.
Jahr 2017
Colleagues with almost 40 permanent employees
Jahr 2016
Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the company
Gruppenfoto 2016
Jahr 2015
Establishment of a sales and service team in the Czech Republic and Romania.
E-Auto 2010

Addition of a floor to the office building and installation of a solar power system.
This means that we now also drive our electric car with self-generated electricity.

Solar 2014
Jahr 2012
Addition of another warehouse and purchase of the first electric car.
E-Auto 2010
Jahr 2010

Move to the newly built company building.

A total of 25 employees for sales, technology and order processing.


Gebäude 2010
Jahr 2003
Establishment of a sales and service team in Austria
Jahr 1999
Generation change with Till Vieweg as owner
Jahr 1989
Move to new premises and addition of metering and mixing technology to the product portfolio.
Dosieren Jahr 1989
Conversion into a limited liability company
Erika and Karl-Ernst Vieweg founded the company in 1976 as an industrial distributor with service for fire extinguishers.
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