adapter for Fitting an cartridge EURO sleeve 310 ml

Art.-Nr. 503904
Product-ID 990204-P2-SS

1/4 inch, SW 27, Ø 38 mm, stainless steel

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1/4 inch Euro cartridge adapter Zollmushroom Zoll (stainless steel)

  • Model EURO 310 ml
  • Connection 1/4 inch
  • Material stainless steel
  • Weight 216,6 g

Technical drawings:

Cartridge sleeve for cartridge EURO 310 ml
Art.-Nr. 504266
Product-ID 990272
Cartridge sleeve for cartridge EURO  310 ml
Cartridge sleeve 310ml aluminum with telescope piston, connection openly
attachmen for valves
Art.-Nr. 501351
Product-ID 560927V
attachmen for valves
Attachment for valves, suitable for 790HP and DV-5370 series and pressure sleeve 990269