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volume dispenser preeflow® eco-PEN450

Art.-Nr.    ECO-PEN450

endless piston principle, flow rate 0,5 up to 6,0 cc/min

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The preeflow® eco-PEN450 is a volumetric dispensing system. In this system the proven technology of the eccentric screw pump is designed and manufactured in a miniaturized version. New manufacturing processes and materials are used to convert the complex geometries of the screw auger and the stator into this small design. Material can flow and be metered in very small volumes, fully volumetrically, out of the valve and also in “reverse” inward fashion. This ensures a very clean and precise dispensing of the material.

The preeflow® eco-PEN450 is a rotating, pressure-tight displacement system. It consists of a stainless steel rotor and an elastomer stator which together form a self-sealing system. This creates individual, self-contained volume “chambers”. As a result of the rotational movement of the stator, the volume “chambers” are pushed further, thereby generating the material flow. For low-viscosity products, the system is self-priming. To control the preeflow speed control  "plug n dose" is required.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 29x29x228 mm
  • Shipping weight 0.83 kg
  • Operation volumetric
  • Material inlet 1/8 inch
  • Operating pressure (min.) 0 bar
  • Wetted part materials HD-POM/stainless steel
  • Material POM
  • Weight 410 g
  • Material outlet Luer-Lock with O-Ring
  • Voltage 18 - 24 V DC
  • Flow rate 0,5 to 6,0 ml/min
  • Dispensing volume (min.) 0,004 ml
  • Fluid pressure (max.) 20 bar

Technische Zeichnungen:

  • adhesives +
  • UV adhesive +
  • cyanoacrylates ?
  • anaerobe +
  • bases ?
  • oils +
  • alcohol/methanol +
  • fats/greases +
  • silicone +
  • solder paste +
  • seals +
  • solvents ?
  • acid ?
  • epoxy +
  • Wärmeleitpaste +