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volume dispenser preeflow® eco-PEN450

Art.-Nr.    ECO-PEN450

endless piston principle, volumetric spray 0,5 up to 6,0 cc/min

Volumenventil preeflow® eco-PEN450
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The preeflow® eco-PEN450 is a rotating, pressure-sealed displacement system. It consists of a stainless steel rotor and an elastomer stator that together form a closed system. With this arrangement a closed "single volume" chambers are created. Through the rotation of the stator, the volume chambers are pushed further and through it, controlled dispensing of the material is generated. The system is self-priming with low viscosity products. EC200-K is required for activation. Volume flow 0,5 to 6,0 ml/min

  • Operation volumetrisch
  • adhesives ja
  • alcohol/methanol ja
  • anaerobe ja
  • conformal coatings ja
  • oils/fats/greases ja
  • silicone ja
  • solder paste/paste/PVA ja
  • seals ja
  • UV adhesive ja
  • Weight 0,8 g