Pinch Tube Valve DV-5120

Art.-Nr.    DV-5120

pneumatic, particularly suited for abrasive and two component media, previous number: 710PTNM-LF

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The pinch tube dispensing  valve DV-5120 is pneumatically controlled. It is engineered for precise control of semi-viscous liquids including mixed two-part fluids, cyanoacrylates and other liquids, such anaerobics, which dictate “non-metallic” valves. The only part of the valve making contact with the fluid being dispensed, is the disposable pinch tube assembly. Should the material cure inside the valve, the pinch tube assembly and the hose can be easily replaced. The pinch tube and related tubing is available in inner diameters of 1.8 mm and 2.5 mm.

Mode of operation
The pinch tube valve is pneumatically controlled. An internal spring displaces an “anvil” to close “pinch” the internal tube shutting off the flow of material. To open up the dispensing valve and allow the material to flow, compressed air is used to open the piston against the spring force. The shot size or flow rate is determined by the degree of adjustment in releasing the closed (pinched) tube and by the valve control timer. To change the tube, only the knurled cap is unscrewed. The hose can be changed easily and a new one can be re-inserted.

Dispensing materials
Adhesives, UV adhesives, Acids, Alcohol/Methanol, Anaerobics, Bases, Cyanoacrylate, Oils/Greases/Lubricants, Silicone (RTV)/Gels, Solder Masks/Pastes/PVA, Solvent

Throwaway valve and feed tubes
Suitable for low viscosity fluids
Ideal for two-part epoxies and cyanoacrylate
Simple to use and maintain

  • Shipping weight 0.31 kg
  • Operation pneumatic
  • Material inlet Luer-Lock (female)
  • Drive pneumatisch
  • Compressed air inlet 10 - 32 UNF
  • Operating pressure (min.) 2,5 bar
  • Wetted part materials PE
  • Filled materials +
  • Material PE
  • Weight 90 g
  • Length 75 mm
  • Material outlet Luer-Lock (male)
  • Fluid viscosity range (max.) 50.000 mPas
  • Flow rate 1980 ml/min (water, 4 bar)
  • Dispensing volume (min.) 0,0075 ml
  • Operating frequency 500 cycles/min
  • Operating air pressure 5,0 bar
  • Fluid pressure (max.) 4,0 bar

Technical drawings:

  • Adhesives +
  • Acids +
  • Alcohol +
  • Anaerobics +
  • Bases +
  • Conformal Coatings +
  • Cyanacrylates +
  • Oil / grease / lubricant +
  • silicone +
  • Solder paste +
  • Solvents +
  • UV-adhesives +
  • FDA-conformity +