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jet valve MDV3200A

Art.-Nr.    MDV3200A

based on piezo technology

Jetventil MDV3200A

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The MDV 3200A is a high-speed jet valve with a highly efficient piezo actuator for the contactless dispensing of medium- to high-viscosity media of up to 2,000,000 mPas. The high-speed piezo technology accelerates the dispensing cycles and allows an extremely fast opening and closing of the valve of up to 3000 Hz. Thanks to the modular design and the simple replacement of fewer accessories, such as nozzles and tappets, the system can be easily adapted to a wide range of customer applications. In addition to the standard version, there are variants for e.g. compact, space-saving installation or high-speed insert and a selection of supply units, such as cartridges, hose connections and nozzle heating.

  • Operation jet
  • adhesives ja
  • acid ja
  • alcohol/methanol ja
  • anaerobe ja
  • bases ja
  • conformal coatings ja
  • cyanoacrylate ja
  • oils/fats/greases ja
  • silicone ja
  • solder paste/paste/PVA ja
  • seals ja
  • solvents ja
  • UV adhesive ja
  • line/seal ja
  • potting/filling/sealing ja
  • micro dispensing ja
  • high viscosity spray material ja
  • filled materials ja