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diaphragm valve DV-5625SS

Art.-Nr.    DV-5625SS

stainless steel body, for fluids in lower and medium viscosity range

Membranventil DV-5625SS
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The diaphragm dispense valve DV-5625SS is excellently well suited for fluids in lower and medium viscosity range, since the diaphragm  separates the wetted parts from the control unit. These are optimal conditions for use for dispensing cyanoacrylates, paints, inks, electrolytes, low viscosity pastes, alcohols and other low viscosity substances.

Mode of operation:

The valve is opened using a compressed air "signal". A built-in spring closes the valve. The valve DV-5625SS definitely proves its superiority particularly during high frequency output cycles of small dosing quantities. The respective quantities can be exactly set via a fine adjustment on the head of the valve. The Luer Lock adapter has a very small dead volume!

  • Operation pneumatisch
  • adhesives ja
  • alcohol/methanol ja
  • anaerobe ja
  • oils/fats/greases ja
  • seals ja
  • solvents ja
  • UV adhesive ja
  • line/seal ja
  • potting/filling/sealing ja
  • micro dispensing ja