DC 300 Digital Dispenser with Memory

Art.-Nr.    DC370

digital, with 9 program locations. Pressure range 0-1 or 0-7 bar. Vacuum suck-back. Optional I/O port. Including large set of tips.

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I/O Port:


The DC 300 is a very popular digital dispenser with perfect usability, bright display and all necessary features for your applications. The DC 300 series is available in 4 model versions with varied features. Our most popular model is the DC 370. The model DC 370 has three modes of operation. The manual mode enables dispensing to be controlled by a foot pedal. The timed mode dispenses at a pre-set time. The auto-cycling mode operates by sequencing a self-taught cycle of events, including a dispensing time as well as a pause function between the cycles. The optional I/O port allows you to operate the dispenser in a semi-automated environment by utilizing an external control to activate the unit. Unit Features: Timer from 0,01 - 9999 seconds I/O-Port optional Vacuum suck-back to avoid dripping Bright 7-segment 4-digit display Cycle mode Stores up to 9 dispensing programs Air inlet monitoring with sensor and alarm Bar/psi switchable pressure read-out Pressure gauge and regulator

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 135x225x75 mm
  • Shipping weight 3.4 kg
  • Operation digital
  • timer +
  • I/O Port -
  • Memory Capacity 9
  • Pressure regulator Standard
  • pressure monitoring yes
  • digital pressure display -
  • Vacuum suck-back yes
  • Compressed air inlet 5 - 7 bar
  • Weight 1,30 kg
  • dispensing pressure 0,1 - 7 bar
  • Voltage AC 85-264 V

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