Dosing valves

In the modern manufacturing technology for dispensing liquids and pastes are used in a wide range. A valve - dispensing system basically consists of a metering valve, a material reservoir and a control unit.

Pinch Valves

Pinch Valves for dispensing liquids and pastes. This metering valves are characterized by a simple cleaning of the wetted parts.

Needle Valves

Needle valves for dispensing liquids and pastes. These dosing valves allows small amounts of precise feeding. Different models are available.

High Pressure Valves

High pressure valves for dispensing liquids and pastes. This metering valves are pressure-tight up to 180 bar and are often used in conjunction with pail pumps.

Piston Valves

The VP300 is a multipurpose, poppet-type pneumatic valve designed for dispensing low to mid-high viscosity materials.

Retraction Valves

The retraction valve DV-5325 is designed to very accurately dose medium viscosity to high viscosity products.

Spray Valves

The spray valve SV-1000SS was especially developed for spraying low to medium viscosity materials

Diaphragm Valves

The membrane dosing valve DV-5625 is excellently suited for fluids in lower and medium viscosity range

Volumetric Displacement Valves

The preeflow® eco-PEN series is a rotating, pressure-sealed displacement system.

Positive Displacement Valves

With this dosing valve, two component and abrasive dosing media as well as soldering pastes and SMD glue can be processed.

Jet Valve

Pneumatically driven, high-performance valve for contactless dosing of medium to low viscosity media.

Valve Controllers

Control devices for controlling the various dispensing valves.

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