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material container stainless steel
1,1 liter, 6 bar
Art.-Nr.   MDG-1
Materialbehälter 1 Liter Edelstahl
The material container MDG-1 serves to supply and convey the dosing medium. The material can be removed via a standpipe or floor outlet. Optionally, the containers can be equipped with empty message, heater and agitator. The containers...
Adapter male, screw thread 1/4 NPT, PP
Art.-Nr.   560519PP
Luer-Lock Adapter männlich, Gewinde 1/4 NPT, PP weiß
Luer-Lock male, thread 1/4 NPT PP black
Adapter female, screw thread M6, stainless steel, screw thread 5 mm
Art.-Nr.   990063-M6-02
Luer-Lock weiblich, Gewinde M6, Edelstahl
Adapter, thread to Luer-Lock, replaced by article 990063-G18-03
Luer-Lock for valve MV-0180A
Adapter male, screw thread 1/4-28, nickel-plated brass
Art.-Nr.   MV-013
Luer-Lock Anschluss für Ventil MV-0180A, Gewinde 1/4-28, Messing vernickelt
Luer-Lock Connector for valve MV-0180A, thread 1/4-28, nickel-plated brass
Adapter male, screw thread 1/4 inch NPT, nickel-plated brass
Art.-Nr.   560952
Luer-Lock männlich, Gewinde 1/4 Zoll NPT, Metall
Luer-Lock fixed
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