Liquid Dispensers

Here we provide a comprehensive overview of the entire range of liquid dispensers, cartridge filling devices, hand pumps, dispensing guns and vacuum tweezers.

Dosing valves

In the modern manufacturing technology for dispensing liquids and pastes are used in a wide range. A valve - dispensing system basically consists of a metering valve, a material reservoir and a control unit.

XYZ - Dispensing Robots

XYZ - dispensing robots, the strength of these metering systems is the flexibility, reliability and constant quality of the dosage - largely independent of the operator.


Consumables for the dosing includes all the little helpers for dosing such as cartridges, hand pump, plugs, Barrel adapter assemblies and much more.


Vieweg company offers wide range of accessories for dosing and mixing technology. These include inter alia Finger switch, stand, holders for dispensing valves and fittings. In addition, we offer our customers a wide range of Luer lock adapters!

Auxillary Supplies

In addition to the equipment and systems for the dosing and mixing technology, we offer our customers a range of excipients. This includes conductance Paste, Wevo and UHU Glue in 50 ml dual cartridges. But also thread lock and solder paste we offer different designs.

Spare Parts

The extensive stocking and supply our customers with spare parts for dosing and mixing technology is a priority with us. As a result, we are able to usually deliver almost everything from stock.

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