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Our Team

Our sales team near you!

With our highly qualified employees, we serve our customers in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Romania as well as in neighboring countries in Europe. We are happy to visit you personally. You will find the responsibility of our sales staff by postal code in the Service & Support area.

Dimitrow, Enrico
Dimitrow, Enrico
Sales East
Mobil: +49 170 9081751
E-Mail: dimitrow@dosieren.de
Fisch, Hans-Dieter
Fisch, Hans-Dieter
Sales Bavaria Noth
Mobil: +49 170 9685562
E-Mail: fisch@dosieren.de
Gerlach, Jürgen
Gerlach, Jürgen
Sales suthern NRW, Rheinland Pfalz North and Hessen North
Mobil: +49 151 15245125
E-Mail: gerlach@dosieren.de
Jund, ANdreas
Jund, Andreas
Sales Baden-Wuerttemberg East
Mobil: +49 160 96730923
E-Mail: jund@dosieren.de
Lukas, Carsten
Lukas, Carsten
Sales NRW und North-West Lower Saxony
Mobil: +49 171 4684610
E-Mail: lukas@dosieren.de
Salau, Henning
Salau, Henning
Sales Lower Saxony
Mobil: +49 175 5613000
E-Mail: salau@dosieren.de
SSchleicher, Dirk
Schleicher, Dirk
Sales Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen und Saarland
Mobil: +49 175 728 20 87
E-Mail: schleicher@dosieren.de
Schwinghammer, Vitus
Schwinghammer, Vitus
Sales Bavaria South
Mobil: +49 175 5280008
E-Mail: schwinghammer@dosieren.de
Weber, Armin
Weber, Armin
Sales Baden-Wuerttemberg West
Mobil: +49 160 1531325
E-Mail: weber@dosieren.de
Altenstrasser, Reinhold
Altenstrasser, Reinhold
Sales Austria
Mobil: +43 664 344 6077
E-Mail: altenstrasser@dosieren.at
Dedek, Martin
Dedek, Martin
Sales Czech Republic
Mobil: +420 775 675 001
E-Mail: info@vieweg.cz
Nichifor, Antoniu
Nichifor, Antoniu
Sales Romania
Mobil: +40 771 710 028
E-Mail: info@vieweg.ro




Our Staff in Kranzberg!


Iris and Till Vieweg

As a second-generation family business, it is important to us to operate responsibly and sustainably. The specialisation in dosing and mixing technology is our subject. We will continue to focus on this. Colleagues, customers and suppliers are now at home not only in Germany but in numerous other countries. Together we are looking forward to many more exciting applications in dispensing technology!


together we look like this: