Our History

Vieweg GmbH - Dispensing specialist

Vieweg GmbH offers products, technic and know how to all kind of questions belonging to dispensing of fluids and pastes. This can be a varnish on a board a point on a pencil or a line of adhesive on a cover.

We find solutions for applying your low-, middle- und high viscose material exactly. Our strength lilies in dispensing small amounts in allmost all production processes. Adhesives, greases, oils are dispensed just like silicone or casting compounds. Depending on the application, 1-component or 2-component systems are used. The product range extends from simple manual systems to multi axis dispensing robots.

Company history

2017 Team of 40 permanent employees

2016 Celebration of our 40th Company anniversary


2015 Setting up a sales and service team in Czech Republic and Romania

2014 Adding a second floor to the existing part of the office-building

2012 Expansion of the facility with building a new warehouse and purchase of our first electric car


2010 Now a total of 25 employees to support distribution, technology, order processing and customer service

2006 Move into the new company building


2003 Aufbau eines Vertrieb- und Serviceteam in Österreich


Generationswechsel mit Till Vieweg als Eigentümer

Till Vieweg

1999 Generation change with Till Vieweg as new owner


1989 Start of the business with dispensing and mixing technology

1985 Converted to GmbH


1976 Founded by Karl-Ernst Vieweg as an industrial company with service for fire extinguisher