mini pump

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for small containers up to 1 l can, including follower plate

mini pump
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The compressed air supply system of this mini pump is the ideal and cost-effective system for pumping expensive lubricants, including silicone greases and oils, from small containers. The pump can be easily, quickly and directly connected to a dispensing valve by means of a high-pressure hose with integrated air line. The height locking device and follower plate with venting allow easy container change. The mini pump with a pressure ratio of 10:1 is ideal for use as a feed pump for dispensing valves or as a transfer and filling system. This pump system consists of a compressed air pump and a pump stand. The follower plate is selected separately from the grease supply system according to the container size. Features: Compact design Conveying directly from the original container Long service life Perfectly matched components For use as local feed pump Exchangeable follower plate and scraper Simple audible message Empty drum" with pump stop (optional) Technical data: Inlet pressure: 2 to 10 baroperating pressure: 6.0 bar (optimum)Ratio: 10:1Maximum outlet pressure of the medium: 100 bar (at 10 bar inlet pressure)Volume per stroke: 16 cm3Discharge capacity: 1720 cm3/minMaximum working temperature of the pump: 40 °CSize of the air inlet: G 1/4""Size of the material outlet: G 1/4""Drum inside diameter: 80 to 210 mmHeight of the drum: 285 mmMax. Air consumption: 150 l/min Including container centering: 990243-001"


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