Spring for Pinch Tube Valve

Art.-Nr. 501775
Product-ID 580028NM

Spare part - Spring for Pinch Tube Valve

Spring for Pinch Tube Valve
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Spring - spare part for Pinch Tube Valve 710PTNM-LF

  • Versandgewicht 0.005 kg
  • Gewicht 2 g

Technische Zeichnungen:

Pinch Tube Valve DV-5120
Art.-Nr. 504857
Product-ID DV-5120
Schlauchquetschventil DV-5120
The pinch tube dispensing valve DV-5120 is pneumatically controlled. It is engineered for precise control of semi-viscous liquids including mixed two-part fluids, cyanoacrylates and other liquids, such as anaerobics, which dictate...