cartridge EURO 310 ml with female screw thread

Art.-Nr. 507409
Product-ID TS-110C

cartridge 310ml, outlet 1/4'' inner thread, open

Eurokartusche 310 ml mit Innengewinde
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EURO cartridge with flat bottom and 1/4 inch female thread outlet, open, 310 cc

  • Versandgewicht 0.057 kg
  • Typ EURO 310 ml
  • Vnitřní -Ø 47 mm
  • Außen-Ø 49,6 mm
  • Größe 310 cc
  • Farbe transparent
  • UV-Schutz no
  • Material PE
  • Gewicht 47,1 g
  • Temperatur 60 °C

Technische Zeichnungen:

cartridge sleeve for cartridge EURO 310 ml
Art.-Nr. 504143
Product-ID 990250-BL
cartridge sleeve for cartridge EURO  310 ml
This item is no longer available. It has been replaced by the item 990159-001 . EURO-Cartridge closed at the bottom, 310 cc, black
cartridge sleeve for cartridge EURO 310 ml
Art.-Nr. 504142
Product-ID 990250-B
Kartuschenhülse für Kartusche Euro 310 ml
This item is no longer available. It has been replaced by the item 990159 . Metal, for bayonet lid, 310 cc
cap for cartridge EURO 310 ml
Art.-Nr. 507431
Product-ID TS-4C
Verschlussdeckel für Kartusche Euro 310 ml
Upper cap, for Euro cartridge 310 cc with female thread at outlet
plug for cartridge EURO 310 ml
Art.-Nr. 507425
Product-ID TS-2P
Stopfen für Kartusche Euro 310 ml
Piston for EURO cartridgde with female thread, 310 cc
Closure cap bottom
Art.-Nr. 501162
Product-ID 560527S
Verschlusskappe unten
Closure cap bottom for 75 - 600 ml Semco® cartridge, red, 1/4 inch
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Art.-Nr. 501219
Product-ID 560585
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cartridge filling system
Art.-Nr. 503619
Product-ID 990150-B
With cartridge filling device 990150-B (metal), greases, epoxy resins, silicones, soldering pastes and other materials can be efficiently transferred into small cartridges. To control the process, the cartridge filling devices can be...
Art.-Nr. 501153
Product-ID 560519NY
Luer-Lock Adapter  männlich, Gewinde 1/4 NPT, Nylon, weiß
Luer-Lock male, thread 1/4 NPT, Nylon, white
Low level sensor NPN for cartridge EURO
Art.-Nr. 504171
Product-ID 990257-O-NPN
Leermeldung für 310ml Eurokartuschen, HIGH PRESSURE
Optic low level sensor NPN for 1/10 gallon cartriges (310ml), max 7 bar
Ruční dávkovací pistole G100-M3
Art.-Nr. 505353
Product-ID G100-M3
Dosierpistole G100
Pneumatická dávkovací pistole pro 75 ml SEMCO kartuše. Včetně rukojeti a držáku kartuše