disposable active mix chamber 5:1..10:1

Art.-Nr. 508376
Product-ID ECO-22490

disposable mixing unit 5:1 à 10:1 for eco-DUOMIX.

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disposable active mixing chamber 5:1 à 10:1 for eco-DUOMIX.

  • Versandgewicht 0.003 kg
  • Farbe weiß
  • Inhalt Vol 0,85 ml
  • Gewicht 2,1 g

Technische Zeichnungen:

2K-mixing system preeflow® eco-DUOMIX450
Art.-Nr. 505152
Product-ID eco-DUOMIX450
2K-mixing system preeflow® eco-DUOMIX450
The eco-DUOMIX450 2k precision dispenser enables the mixing and volumetric dispensing of very small quantities of two-component fluids and pastes via disposable active mixing capsules. For each component the controlled revolution of...