Jet valve DV-6220

Art.-Nr. 504891
Product-ID DV-6220-001

piezoelectric jetting valve, for medium to high viscosity materials, with heating and stainless steel fluidics

Jet valve DV-6220
Ventilsteuergerät VC1410
Düseneinheit mit Fixierung für Jetventil
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The DV-6220 is optimized for micro-dispensing in fast and high-precision production processes where precise application of high-quality fluids is required: The DV-6220 is a high-speed jetting valve with a highly efficient piezo actuator for non-contact dispensing of medium- to high-viscosity fluids up to 2,000,000 mPas. The piezo technology speeds up the dispensing cycle and allows extremely fast opening and closing of the valve, resulting in higher throughput and improved system performance of your production plant. The achievable slopes allow new applications and dispensing cycles up to 3000 Hz.

The modular design and the easy exchange of the few accessories, such as nozzles and fluidics, allow the system to be optimally adapted to customer-specific applications. In addition to the standard version without heating, there are variants with heated fluidics or fluidics made of PEEK for anaerobic adhesives. The nozzles are interchangeable and VIEWEG offers a variety of nozzle inserts in different shapes and with different diameters ranging from 30 µm to 1200 µm. The plungers in the drive are available with different geometries in ceramic or carbide.


  • Dimensions W x D x H 12 x 39.5 x 115 mm
  • Weight min. 260 g (depending on configuration)
  • Dispensing quantity: nano and sub-nano range (depending on the fluid).
  • Viscosity range: up to approx. 2,000,000 mPas
  • Drive piston available in ceramic or carbide with different geometries
  • Interchangeable nozzle, different. Shapes and diameters (30 µm - 1200 µm)
  • Dispensing frequency up to 3,000 Hz
  • Supply pressure 0.1 to 8 bar (rel.)
  • Heating system for fluidics: <100°C, higher on request

This set comprises the valve variant DV-6220 with heated stainless steel fluidics, the valve controller VC1420, the control cables and assembly tools.

  • Abmessungen (BxHxT) 12x115x39.5 mm
  • Versandgewicht 0.5 kg
  • Operace jetting
  • Anschluss with heater
  • Antrieb piezoelectric
  • Material stainless steel
  • Gewicht 260 g
  • Temperatur <100°C
  • Materialviskosität (max.) 2.000.000 mPas
  • Dosiermenge (min.) nano- and subnano range
  • Schaltfrequenz 3.000 Hz
  • Materialdruck (max.) 0,1 .. 8 bar

Technische Zeichnungen:

  • Klebstoffe +
  • Säuren +
  • Alkohol / Methanol +
  • Anaerobe Klebstoffe +
  • Basen +
  • Conformal Coatings +
  • Cyanacrylate +
  • Öle / Fette / Schmierstoffe +
  • Silikone 1K (RTV) +
  • Lotpaste
  • Dichtungen +
  • Lösungsmittel
  • UV-Klebstoffe +
  • FDA-Konform optional
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