spray valve eco-SPRAY

Art.-Nr. 505172
Product-ID ECO-SPRAY450

endless piston principle, volumetric spray 0,5 up to 6,0 ml/min for low to high viscosity spray media

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The eco-SPRAY precision volume dispensing unit from ViscoTec enables many spray applications in the low to high viscosity range. The preeflow® eco-SPRAY guarantees volumetric metering based on the endless piston principle, which is based on a rotating, absolutely pressure-tight displacement system consisting of a rotor and stator. The defined rotational movement of the rotor displaces the medium volumetrically in the stator and generates a delivery. A defined quantity is thus fed into the special low-flow spray chamber under processor control. The precise atomisation and spraying can be carried out continuously or selectively. The revolutionary combination of endless piston and low-flow spray chamber guarantees perfect spraying of low to high viscosity media with high edge sharpness and lowest overspray.

  • Versandgewicht 0.13 kg
  • Operace spray (volumetric)
  • Außen-Ø 35 mm
  • Materialeinlass 1/8 inch
  • Antrieb electric motor
  • Betriebsdruck (min.) 0 bar
  • Medienberührend HD-POM,PEEK, stainless steel
  • Material stainless steel
  • Gewicht 750 g
  • Länge 228 mm
  • Dosiermenge (min.) 0,05 ml
  • Materialdruck (max.) 6 bar

Technische Zeichnungen:

  • Klebstoffe
  • Säuren
  • Alkohol / Methanol
  • Anaerobe Klebstoffe
  • Basen
  • Conformal Coatings +
  • Cyanacrylate +
  • Öle / Fette / Schmierstoffe +
  • Silikone 1K (RTV) +
  • Lotpaste
  • Dichtungen
  • Lösungsmittel
  • UV-Klebstoffe