rotation table RT3000

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Product-ID RT3000

rotary table with tiltable inline feed RT3000

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The RT3000 rotary table allows convenient dispensing onto round shapes and hard-to-reach areas. The easily adjustable, tiltable Z-axis enables controlled infeed for rotary dispensing at a fixed angle. For example, dispensing material can be applied to a vertical inner or outer wall of a cylindrical component.
The rotary table is used for dispensing adhesives, silicones, greases and lubricants and is fully programmable in terms of speed, circle diameter, cycle and dispensing time.
The wide range of VIEWEG accessories allows cartridges and valves to be mounted on the Z-axis.
VIEWEG also offers a range of dispensing units, valves and valve controllers. We will be pleased to advise you.

  • Kapacita paměti 9 programs
  • Vakuová retence +
  • Typ Rotary table with feed axis
  • Größe 350 x 433 x 575 mm
  • Anzahl Achsen 2
  • Arbeitsbereich in mm Ø440 x 310 x 100(z) mm
  • Traglast Werkzeug 2 kg
  • Traglast Tisch 10 kg
  • Antrieb AC Servomotor
  • Betriebsdruck (min.) 5..7 bar
  • Gewicht 11 kg
  • Druckbereich 0..7 bar
  • Leistung 60 W
  • Spannung AC 100-120 V, AC 200-240 V
  • Geschwindigkeit (Vmax) 0-60 rpm
  • Lagerung 0-40 °C

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