Luer-Lock for valve MV-0180A

Art.-Nr. 506917
Product-ID MV-013

adapter male, screw thread 1/4-28, nickel-plated brass

Luer-Lock Anschluss für Ventil MV-0180A, Gewinde 1/4-28, Messing vernickelt

Luer-Lock Connector for valve MV-0180A, thread 1/4-28, nickel-plated brass

  • Typ männlich
  • Farbe silber
  • Anschluss Gewinde 1/4-28
  • Material Metall vernickelt

Technische Zeichnungen:

dispensing tip standard 1/2 inch (50 pieces)
Art.-Nr. 505230
Product-ID F560014
Dosiernadel standard 1/2 Zoll
Dispensing tip standard with Luer-Lock thread, plastic body made of polypropylene, capillaries made of stainless steel (corresponds to material number 1.4301)
dispensing tip tapered (50 pieces)
Art.-Nr. 500896
Product-ID 560013MA
Dosiernadel konisch
Dispensing tip tapered with Luer-Lock thread, material polypropylene
dispensing tip Micron-S, nickel silver, red
Art.-Nr. 501904
Product-ID 5901007
Dosiernadel Micron-S, Nickel Silber
Dispensing needle Micron-S with precision bore and conical needle tip made of nickel, without coating; thin-walled rigid and conical design with smooth inner wall. An outstanding design feature of this high-performance Luer-Lock...