2K-adhesive, 50 ml

Art.-Nr.    UHU-BLACK-50N

UHU plus black, epoxy resin adhesive, for mixing tube M-50D-620S

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UHU PLUS BLACK is a black 2-component adhesive for glass fiber and carbon fiber composites, plastics and many metals. The adhesive based on epoxy resin is ideally suited for the highest static and dynamic loads. Due to its viscosity, it can also be processed on vertical surfaces and upside down to a thickness of 10 mm, without it draining or dripping. UHU PLUS BLACK splices harden with practically no loss of volume, which means that perfectly fitting connections are possible. A curing of the adhesive takes place under exclusion of air. At room temperature, the glued parts can be processed after six hours. This time can be greatly reduced by a higher temperature. The splices are resistant to moisture, oil and diluted acids or alkalis. The bond strength is hardly affected even with prolonged exposure to these substances. UHU PLUS BLACK is resistant to aging and weather-resistant even at very low temperatures. Thus, the adhesive is also very suitable for outdoor use. At room temperature, UHU PLUS BLACK can be stored unopened for up to two years.


Carbon fiber composites (CFRP), glass fiber composites (GRP), many plastics and metals (if necessary test with a test adhesive)


The splices must be dry and free of dust, oil or contaminants. UHU PLUS BLACK is optimally dosed and mixed from the double-chamber cartridge with a dispenser. The highest strengths are achieved with an adhesive thickness of 0.05 to 0.2 mm. The adhesive can be processed at a temperature between 18 and 20° C for 90 minutes (pot life). For joining only a small fixing pressure is necessary. The compound is tangible at room temperature after 6 hours and can be further processed. After 12 hours, the components retain their functional strength and their final strength after 24 hours. Higher ambient temperatures can greatly shorten these times. Temperature range -40° C to + 100° C

  • Versandgewicht 0.06 kg
  • Typ for 2k-dispensing hand tool
  • Gewicht 81,5 g
  • Temperatur -40 bis +100°C

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