Pressure control preeflow® flowscreen

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for max. 2 fluid pressure sensors flowplus16

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'The flowscreen evaluation system was developed for monitoring dispensing processes and can be connected to up to two pressure sensors. The pressure values determined from the measurement signals are shown graphically on a display. Deviations from defined limit values for pressure build-up, course and reduction during dispensing are signalled as error messages with an LED. The processing system flowscreen is operated via a touch-sensitive screen with the supplied pen. The menu navigation is largely self-explanatory. System states are represented by symbols and plain text output.

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sensor preeflow® flowplus16
Art.-Nr. 505155
Fluidsensor preeflow® flowplus16
The pressure sensor flowplus16 is a universally applicable sensor for measuring the pressure of fluids and other media in dispensing applications. The flowplus16 can be used to evaluate the fluid mechanics of static and dynamic...