Dispening valve with adjustable suckback

Art.-Nr. 507896
Product-ID VP-300

not longer available


  • Operace pneumatisch

Technische Zeichnungen:

valve controller VC1000
Art.-Nr. 507711
Product-ID VC1060
Ventilsteuergerät VC1000
The valve control device VC1000 controls all pneumatic dispensing valves with return springs. The advantage of the VC1000 lies in the fact that in addition to the dispensing valve, the reservoir is also charged with adjustable...
valve controller VC1100
Art.-Nr. 507714
Product-ID VC1140
Ventilsteuergerät VC1100
The digital valve control device VC1100 is used for controlling spindle valves such as, for example, the DV-5000DFS, which possess a voltage range of 0 - 24V. The device has 8 program spaces available that can be selected manually via...
dispensing tip set small
Art.-Nr. 503338
Product-ID 990062-K
Dosiernadelset 990062-K
The dispensing tip SET contains a selection of the most common dispensing tips needed for daily use. Here you can test and choose the kind of dispensing tip that gives you the best dispensing results.
heater for dispensing valve VP-300
Art.-Nr. 504186
Product-ID 990259-29
heater for dispensing valve VP-300
Valve heater for dispensing valve VP-300 20-45° C 24V DC
Luer-Lock Ring
Art.-Nr. 506692
Product-ID LUER-LOCK-44
Luer-Lock Ring, rund innen, für Nadelventile DV-5422, DV-5425, TS-5420, Nylon schwarz
Luer-Lock ring, inside cycle, for needlvalves TS-5420, DV-5422,DV-5425, Nylon black