diaphragm valve

Art.-Nr.    VD-510

Please ask or alternative item number: DV-5625-U


ARTICLES NO LONGER AVAILABLE! The diaphragm metering valve VD-510 is ideally suited for liquids in the lower and medium viscosity range, whereby the diaphragm separates the wetted parts from the control unit. These are optimal operating conditions for the dosing of cyanoacrylates, paints, inks, electrolytes, glues, alcohols and other low-viscosity substances. Function:The valve is opened by means of a compressed air pulse. A built-in spring closes the valve. The VD-510 valve clearly proves its superiority, especially with high-frequency output cycles of small dosing quantities. The respective quantities can be precisely adjusted via a fine adjustment at the head of the valve. The Luer Lock connector has a very small dead volume !

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