dispensing tip Micron-S, Apticote coated, lime green

Art.-Nr. 501911
Product-ID 5901014

interior Ø 0,69 mm, exterior Ø 0,89 mm, gauge 20, green

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Dispensing needle Micron-S with precision bore and conical needle tip made of phosphor bronze, with  coating Apticote 450F; thin-walled rigid and conical design with smooth inner wall.

An outstanding design feature of this high-performance Luer-Lock dispensing needle is the improvement of the flow behavior. In comparison to standard dispensing needles, the thin and particularly smooth wall via conical flow guidance results in the lowest back pressure and very smooth liquid discharge, which also separates excellently at the thin bore edge. Tendencies to thread formation and retightening are minimized. This enables reliable, precise work at low pressure, increases dispensing accuracy, extends service life and protects the medium.

A benefit for high productivity at reliable quality and repeatability, especially for finely defined points, lines or special patterns!

  • Versandgewicht 0.004 kg
  • Typ konisch
  • Vnitřní -Ø 0,69 mm
  • Außen-Ø 0,89 mm
  • Größe 20
  • Farbe grün
  • Anschluss Luer-Lock Gewinde
  • Kapillarform rund
  • UV-Schutz ja
  • Material Apticote beschichtet
  • Gewicht 0,3 g
  • Länge 19,2 mm

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